Metropolitan Interventions Athens 2021

Metropolitan Interventions Athens 2021 coverMetropolitan Interventions Athens 2021 cover

Metropolitan Interventions Athens 2021

Exchange of European experiences
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This volume includes the material of the scientific workshop “Metropolitan Interventions Athens 2021: From the Idea to the Implementation. Exchange of experiences, Hamburg, Vienna, Munich, Athens”, that took place on February 12th and 13th, 2015 in the historic Athens Town Hall, and in the historic NTUA Deanery.

The subject of this work regards the debate on certain significant metropolitan interventions in the broader area of Athens, which is of particular importance and weight due to the unprecedented social, economic, and urban crisis, which the country and, namely, the Athens city center are undergoing during the last few years. Under the term “metropolitan interventions”, the workshop examines mainly two big categories: the first one regards metropolitan interventions in the center of Athens, while the second focuses on interventions related to the city’s waterfront along the Saronic Gulf.

Guests from Germany and Austria were given the chance to present their experience from their own cities, Munich, Hamburg, and Vienna, whereas, in a following part, two “dialogues of experts” were organized. In this framework foreign guests and Greek scientists coming from either the academia or other entities involved in planning, policy-making, and decision-making concerning the management of space, were given the opportunity for a more intensive process of exchanging their views.

The main goal was to discuss issues regarding the processes of intervening, implementing, and achieving participation, and especially the question of the acceptance of the urban interventions by the citizens.

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